A Day of Business Coaching from QSC: Looking at Your Business Strategically

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Are you putting off creating a business plan? Spend a day thinking strategically, you'll walk away with a foundation for your strategic plan. If you are too busy to create a business strategy: step back and evaluate where you want to be. If it's different than the present, this 1-day workshop is for you. 

Business planning is an essential part of running a business but most of us spend more time planning a vacation. Your business plan is the fuel keeping your business healthy and thriving. This workshop will focus on expanding your thinking and offer ideas to explore before determining your business strategy. You will walk away with a foundation for your strategic plan. 

What We'll Discuss:      

  • Understanding Strategy & Adopting a Strategic Mindset
  • Examining Your Environment 
  • Setting Your Direction
  • Defining & Measuring Success
  • Executing the Plan


  • Understand the Importance of Strategic Planning
  • Discover Systems Used to Strategize
  • Adopt a Strategic Mindset
  • Develop a Foundation for Your Strategic Plan

Member Pricing: $349, Lunch Included
Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 8am-5pm
PHCC San Diego | 9920 Scripps Ranch Dr. #102 | San Diego, CA
Register online at www.phccsd.org or call 858.693.3855

PHCC San Diego Chapter
9920 Scripps Lake Drive #102
San Diego, CA 92131 United States
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Maureen Sullivan
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